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5 Tips for Surviving – and Thriving – in a Panel Interview
  • April 6, 2020

You’ve had plenty of interviews with hiring managers, one-on-one. But now you have your first panel interview coming up. What should you expect – and how can you deliver the best performance? Here are 5 tips to help you:

#1: Know the panel.

As one of the top employment agencies in Corpus Christi, TX, R3 Integrated Staffing Solutions knows that before the interview, it’s important to know who’s on the panel so you can best prepare. Most panels consist of representatives from various sides of the business – for instance, HR, executive level, and the department you’ll be working in. So ask your company contact if they can tell you about the mix of people on the panel. They’ll most likely be able to give you a list of those you’ll be interviewing with.

#2: Try to engage everyone.

If you interviewed with the hiring manager before – and built a rapport with them – they might feel like the safe person in the room. But don’t aim all your attention and answers at them. Try to engage everyone on the panel with your responses. When answering a specific person’s question, look them in the eye and strive to persuade them that you’re the right fit for the job.

#3: Be aware of your body language.

It’s only natural to be more nervous during a panel interview. But it’s important to look cool, calm and collected on the outside. So be sure to sit up straight, make eye contact with those you’re speaking to, don’t fidget, and smile at the people interviewing you.

#4: Be prepared to tell stories.

One of the best ways to engage your interviewers is through stories. So before your interview, think of a few real-world examples of accomplishments most relevant to the job. When one of the interviewer’s asks about your problem solving skills, for instance, then illustrate through a real-world example about how you solved a conflict or issue at work. Doing so will bring your background to life and make a much stronger impression among the group.

#5: Hold a mock interview.

If you’re really nervous about an upcoming panel interview, hold a mock one with friends or family. Ask them to develop some typical interview questions and not to hold back on you. Have someone standing by, recording the interview. That way, you can both practice your answers, as well as critique your performance once it’s over.

If you need more help preparing for your next interview – or finding out about great job opportunities in the area, call R3 Integrated Staffing Solutions. As one of the top employment agencies in Corpus Christi, TX and surrounding area, we’ve placed more than 500 direct hire employees with leading local employers since 2015. And we can help you find a new job too!

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